Thursday, January 01, 2009

The land of my ancestors: natural sculptures

Some of my ancestors (mum's ancestors) came from Greece to Puglia, South of Italy.
Puglia is white, with white houses and white walls.

While you are on the plane you can view these white cities and the white clouds.

But when you walk in the countryside, near the low stone walls near the fields (grape, artichokes, vegetables, fruit trees) you can see the natural sculptures of olive trees.
For italians, Puglia (the region of South Italy) IS olive oil (and olive trees) wine fields and red earth.

These are photos near my house, where I go during my winter holidays.

Fantastic natural sculptures!

...each trunk has a unique life, each trunk of tree is carved by the wind...Every tree is hundreds of years old!

I can not stop touching and to photographing these trees, I am in love with these plants carved and sculpted!

In many cities of South Italy, the tradition is to plant an olive tree when a child is born.
This is my wish for the birth of this new year, a strong and harmonious 2009!


ops, I almost forgot...thank you for your messages, comments, sms, emails and letters for my birthday. This is my cake for parents and husband and... you!


Willie From: said...

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Sue said...

Stef, many belated Happy
Birthday Wishes to you! May this coming year be
wonderfully magical for you!

I love the pics you just posted, there is something
hauntingly beautiful about
olive trees, it is in their
shape and their age. Special.


Heidi Alfonzo said...

Loved the pictures and the history behind them! Happy belated birthday and have a most incredible new year!!


Alan said...

Now those are right up my alley!
Did you see the posting of art by Mark Khaisman today on Robot Nine. Unique art made with packing tape on plexiglass, has really struck a chord, tons of all positive comments.

3rdEyeMuse said...

thanks for sharing the lovely sculpted trees! I am certain I could spend days taking photo's of the olive tree's - they are quite beautiful.

here's wishing you and yours a spectacularly happy and healthy 2009. :)

madamelulu said...

What a lovely cake!

~ ॐ ~ said...

Thats a very interesting post i must say !!!

Happy New year to you and everyone at home :)

mariposa said...

Hola! no sé si hablas español, pero te he visto como seguidora del "atardecer" he descubierto tu blog, y que veré con regularidad porque me ha gustafo lo que he visto. un saludo

Genie said...

Love the Trees,so beautiful

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

I love coming to your blog and feel it is pretty fabulous so I am passing on a blog award to you for fabulous blogs!!!
Come take a look if you are interested or have time.

Cinzia said...

Wowww, the trees are wonderful!!!
Bye bye

Anonymous said...

I don't believe I've ever seen olive trees...they *are* quite sculptural!