Thursday, May 15, 2008

A medieval animal:Griforena

Griforena. A fantastic medieval creature.
He has a human head, His intelligence has the animal instincts and the human concentration.
His body is of a bird and specifically It is the body of a Griffon. He has a siren tail, He has Lion legs. He flies, He swims, He walks, He runs. Audacy, intelligence,lightness, power!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sculpture: a new Pupazza

After the sketch, my new sculpture is born

This is the particular of the base

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sculpture: a new Pupazza

I'm new Pupazza has a voluminous skirt and She has a hat like a crown...She will be...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

What is a doll for you?

(Artemide or the Good Harvest, 2007)

I interviewed many dollmakers on what is a doll.The replies are very interesting...

Griselda "For me a spirit doll is a form of meditation, as simple as that...It is not difficult for me to just gather any materials during a walk to the park and produce a little doll, it is freeing and cleansing experience, in times when I thoughts might be in confusion the process of maing a little doll manages to somehow 'change the channel' by focusing on this 'craft' even for half an hour i come out of it with a general feeling of peace and contentment. I never imagined that my love for assemblage art would touch so many people, it is very rewarding experience".

Kris says:" When I first came to Art Dolls, just a year ago, I was interested in a definition. I can't remember where I found this one, but it seemed to say how I understood Art Dolls. Altered slightly to my words, nut its basically a definition I read online.

(Arlecchino and Pinocchio, papier-maché and fabrics, 2004)

What makes an art doll is the search for meaning.A doll may be a small representation of a human being or a fantasy character, but it must carry with it something much more important than its form;its soul. In other words, an art doll is a unique work of art that claims its own existence, no matter what the form, medium or subject. It can touch someone's heart or provoke intense felleings. Beyond the artist's contribution it exist by itself. And being a 3D work of art adds to this reality.

Another interesting aspect of art dolls is the way we relate to them.The art doll is not a plaything. When we hold a play doll we are the dominators. We play with the doll, we dominate the play. An art doll is not a plaything.

Since it exist by itself, the doll tends to eliminate a need for boundaries or barriers. It is an extraordinary way we relate to an art doll we have created, or one create by another artist."

...Yes...but if a doll isn't a plaything...why we play when we create a doll?