Saturday, January 31, 2009

Paua Bracelet

This is my 100th post!!!
Paua shells, silver wire (0,8-0,4 and 0,25 mm), silver charms.
I used the shape of shells to make a bracelet like a mosaic (It is like a mobile)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

spider's web

As a spider Web each of us read blogs of the other and find new artists and new ideas in the world.

We are lucky.

We can increase our knowledge.
We can compare our talents and improve them.
And we can show our works to the whole world.

I like this form of weaving.
I have decided to give one of my own drawing to one of you who will write on my blog why He (or She) wants to have one of my works.
To Enter, you must leave a comment on THIS post ONLY.
Happy Sunday friends!
Check back here on Feb. 14th - I will announce the winner!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scent of Spring: Create you with the sun or with the rain?

Many of you think that Spring is the best season to create new things. I agree, especially if the Winter has been long and cold.

I live in an island where winter is short and it is not very cold.
Summer is very long and warm and with a lot of humidity.With some difficulty I create and design and I have difficulties to focus on my work because of tourists and noise.

Therefore my true Spring is the Autumn and Winter.
I Focus, I create, I do not have distractions, I am in the studio everyday and 'my spirit is eager to get back to...the space of food for my soul',like says Marilyn (Radzat).

What is your true Spring?
Do you create with the sun or the rain?
Is cold or warm indifferent to you?

Do you create despite everything?
How far does your concentration reach?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One world One heart:A Special Day

This is a special day! A wonderful incredible day!

I am happy to participate in this HUGE blog give-away, designed to bring bloggers together and find new artists around the world! You can click on the logo above for more information and a list of more blogs to visit! I am giving away....a doll! This is a surprise...

The give-away goes from today until February 12th... To win, leave a comment on THIS POST ONLY, and please include your EMAIL address in the comment so I can find you!
Check back here on Feb. 12th - I will announce the winner (or the winners)then! Thanks for visiting my blog..and I am happy if you follow my blog!

Italy, 6 PM, We are the One.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is emerging your seed?

Cassandra sleeping, 1985

When I sleep I often dream of creations that then come in the next day.
My dreams are often complex and full of colours. My oniric activity is essential for the things I create. I love to dream, yet I do not expect to dream. The dream comes soft and smooth and i don't even know it does. Sometimes I begin to think of something that I want to create and my eyes start to close... Sleep regenerates the cells.

Cassandra sleeping,1985, a particular

Sleep renews ideas, Sleep keeps warm the seed that tomorrow will begin to grow, Even now the seed is emerging...Also your seed!

Goodnight friends!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A day, a jewel, many colours

Today, after many days of rain, the sky was a crystal blue

Even now that the sun is setting, the sky is wonderful, like a blue jewel

I adore the winter,

but today I smell a very inviting air of Spring...

I am the earth, I am the sky, I am Winter, I am Spring. I smell Nature, I eat the air, I see the sounds of the earth.

I have worked on this brooch for 10 hours, I used mother-of-pearl, paua shells, weaved silver wire and silver charms and beads (a little dragonfly, a little frog, a sugilite stone, also known as luvulite)
This is my thanks to the Universe that has created so much beauty!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

tactile self-portrait

Why do I use my image so often? Perhaps do I love too much myself? Perhaps do I am narcissist? This is not a great self-esteem mixed with cult of myself!
I am the only human model that I have at hand!And it is very fun to play with my own image, You too,try and play with your image!

This painting is called Icon.
I have played with the Byzantine painting, rich of gold and metallic contrasts.
I have added a 'tactile' element made with yarn of wool and silk. Also the painting that I used is very tactile: the layers of color are similar to lumps. I did not glue the yarn everywhere because I wanted the yarn to move in the air.
The child above the head is the new, new ideas, the change.The butterflies... I simply adore them, but They are also very common symbols!
For me, a Painting is created for the eyes and hands...and a little for the ears, the yarn rustles in the wind!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Painting,making dolls,creating jewels...smiling!

I had been tagged awhile back by Sandra Mucciardi from Canada to list 5 things I do to keep my mind healthy and my life balanced.
first of, smile, smile, people don't smile...a smile is a precious gift! smiling...Sandra says 'we need to smile!'

( 'Smile', 1987,This is my old friend Mariella, She was so smiling...)

2) making jewels, creating jewels, drawing jewels, thinking of jewels...rings, necklaces, pendants...It's a little obsession ehehehhe (see my etsy store, left side of this blog)
3) old passion, my future passion, This is my passion!
4) creating dolls...dolls are my other passion, my obsession
5) listening to music...sometime I create with Enya...or Bach, or Mozart or contemporary music, I love music!

It is now my turn to do the tagging...
Here are 5 artists I found surfing on the net, I love them!...

They are:
Amanda Howard

Leanne Ellis

Mr Harte

Barbara Canepa

Alessandra Sorrentino

My life is balanced by Art! and your Life?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A new artistic idea is like....?

When I have a new idea is like a vortex of color. When I have a new idea is like a hand in the grass or into a soft cream.
When you have a new idea What is it like....?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Old Paintings

I found two old paintings in my parent's house...I painted these women when I was 16 years. The photos aren't perfect, I photographed these paintings with my mobile phone in a rainy and dark day...
The first woman is Salome dancing with her body
the second painting is a woman in the water, title 'Dream'
the other notice is a new award! Laurie gave me a little blog award (see the left side of my blog, fabulous blog).
I pass the award along to five additional blog recipients after my 5 Addictions:
1) Computer: I love to read, to see, to write,!
2) Books: I read, I collect, I buy, I love books!
3) The Sunset: When the sun goes down, my energy is incredible. I love the night
4) The Autumn: It's my Season!
5) Stones...I love stones!

Ok, the 5 blogs, I love the magical atmosphere of these blogs:
1) Sandra Arteaga
2) Jordi Solano
3) Rosanna Art
4) Gothic Rose Antiques
5) The Tattered house blog

an award for you!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The land of my ancestors: natural sculptures

Some of my ancestors (mum's ancestors) came from Greece to Puglia, South of Italy.
Puglia is white, with white houses and white walls.

While you are on the plane you can view these white cities and the white clouds.

But when you walk in the countryside, near the low stone walls near the fields (grape, artichokes, vegetables, fruit trees) you can see the natural sculptures of olive trees.
For italians, Puglia (the region of South Italy) IS olive oil (and olive trees) wine fields and red earth.

These are photos near my house, where I go during my winter holidays.

Fantastic natural sculptures!

...each trunk has a unique life, each trunk of tree is carved by the wind...Every tree is hundreds of years old!

I can not stop touching and to photographing these trees, I am in love with these plants carved and sculpted!

In many cities of South Italy, the tradition is to plant an olive tree when a child is born.
This is my wish for the birth of this new year, a strong and harmonious 2009!


ops, I almost forgot...thank you for your messages, comments, sms, emails and letters for my birthday. This is my cake for parents and husband and... you!