Monday, November 26, 2007

Sculpture:what is this?

This is my first time with Premix.

Hannie Harris, President of DABIDA, sent to me 2 packages of Premix, a white, soft air dry clay. Wonderful clay! I have my hands very clean ( I love my hands clean when I'm sculpting and modeling)...(the hands and the face are in prosculpt)...only a problem with the weather...too humid and so the clay is very slow to dry.... but now the question: what is this? only a word....CORK...Sardinia is the Country of italian is 'sughero'.

The innatural body is my goal in this sculpture.

The body's shape remember me the wind and the trees..This is and antropomorphic creature, a Tree Goddess.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crab Fairy

after the Radzat's workshops, new experiments for me: a crab fairy made in Prosculpt, the crab is a gourd.

The fairy's body is painted with iridescent acrilics, decorated with swarovskij and silver decorations.
This is a study on light that touches the bodies.
The light: mother of pearl, crackelé, smooth surfaces, and some little secrets...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogs of Note

Stefania Morgante is a student at That Creative Place who lives in Sardinia, Italy. She is an energetic and inspirational participant in Marilyn Radzat's workshops. Her Blog is wonderful, featuring images of ther works in progress and lots of creative inspiration.

It has been amazing to see the progress in Stef's sculpting in such a short time. She was focused on improving her skills and she took giant leaps in her ability over these past several months. She is truly an inspiration!
Lisa Gatz
That Creative Place!

Stefania Morgante will be a Bill Nelson's student!

(Bill Nelson is a sculptor, illustrator and NIADA artist who will be teaching a series of workshops focused on sculpting and creating the character doll. He will also offer illustration workshops. We are priveleged to host this world-class artist at That Creative Place.
His first workshop on sculpting the character head will begin on November 30th.
Go to see:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Araba Fenice (Phoenix)

Prosculpt, gold metal, Black Swarovkij, watercolors, acrilic paint,mother of pearl ink, gold decorations on the body,
about 14 inches tall

Your Phoenix is looking so beautiful! I'm amazed at the dept of expression that you're getting from your figures now and I adore the bread fairy also. Lisa Gatz

aloha Stef :)
Your Phoenix is sooo beautiful! I love the golds and the textures and the whole feel of the piece. Really beautiful!! Congratulations. :)Marylin Radzat

This is a very interesting piece, lots of textures, finishes and techniques. Very Nice!

absolutely exquisite!!! Stef, this is favorite of yours yet.... lovely classical face and wonderful colors!

she's beautiful!

wow! absolutely ethereal!

'Stef,I left a message on the critique gallery---- she is absolutely wonderful!!! she is my favorite that you have done yet... I love her colors, and especially her face....congratulations, she is really wonderful! Patl Lilich' (new Niada member)

Hi Stef, I just looked at Araba Fenice! She looks great! I love the textures - the skin does look to be burnt and her face shows how she is just going to love living her new body! I think she is terrific!Greta Albright

Phoenix has a beautiful expression! Anna Koetse

Sunday, November 04, 2007

2nd Bethlehem CT Library Exhibit

The storybook exhibit was arranged to help increase awareness of the art of dollmaking and also to increase children's interest in reading. Many patrons to the library raved about the exhibit last year saying it was one of the best in library history.

The exhibit was set up during the Bethlehem Christmas Town Festival last
year. This year, the display cases are reserved for that weekend along
with the month of December and the weekend prior to Thanksgiving (by
request of the library.) The Town Festival (being held on Dec. 7 & 8)
draws in hundreds of people over the
1 1/2 day event. Bethlehem is also famous for thousands of visitors
coming to the post office during the holiday season to have their
holiday cards stamped with the Bethlehem post mark. With the amount of
travelers coming through the center of Bethlehem, this is the best time
of year to set up the storybook exhibit.
Greta Albright

Hi Stef!

Thank you! Pinocchio will be wonderful! The book will also be great, especially in the language of his origin. :)Thanks again! Greta

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bread Fairy at CreativFestival in Toronto!

This is my Bread Fairy, She'll be at CreativFestival ->

'Cited as "one of the best" in the 2003 issue of Vogue Patterns, the Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival was established in 1988.

Today, the fall festival, the world's largest public event of its kind, covers 200,000 square feet of exhibit space (twice that of 2001) and the spring show has grown larger than pre 2002 fall events. Here you can learn how to put your own one-of-a-kind stamp on everything from clothes and curtains to greeting cards and accessories. From embellishing off-the-rack-items to constructing custom clothing and jewellery, the Festival is known all over the world as the premier consumer show for creative individuals who craft-it or create-it themselves.
Whatever the art from or medium, you can see, touch, feel and buy the latest fibre, paper, textile, craft, decorating and other creative arts related supplies, equipment and services in an interactive retail marketplace and educational forum...'( from

the Creativfestival and CDAA (with my Bread Fairy) at:

Metro Toronto Convention Centre on October 26, 27 and 28.
your Challenge Dolls,
your Round Robin Dolls and
your Original Dolls for display!

She is absolutely beautiful and very original. She will get the place of honour in the middle of the table on a riser with her name and your name on a card at her feet.
Thank you for going to all the trouble in sending her to me

PS: Your doll deserves the best place!! Kathy White

Metro Toronto Convention Centre 255 Front Street West Toronto, ON M5V 2W6
Oct 26, 2007, Fri 10:00 am-8:00 pmOct 27, 2007, Sat 10:00 am-6:00 pmOct 28, 2007, Sun 10:00 am-5:00 pm

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wild Art Dolls will have two new owners and moderators!

Wild Art Dolls will have two new owners and moderators.

One is Stefania Morgante, usually called "Stef" here at Wild Art
Dolls. She lives in Italy and she's been a member of this group
since 2004. You may know her lovely dolls from her website .
I also interviewed her in 2005, and you can read about her dollmaking

The other new owner and moderator is Jody (also called JoTee) from New Mexico. You may have seen some of her dolls at her blog,

I'm honored that these two very talented and enthusiastic women have volunteered to take the helm at Wild Art Dolls!
Thank you to every member of Wild Art Dolls. I've had a great time as
the list owner, and this has always been the easiest group to moderate.

I hope that you'll be just as supportive of Stef and Jody in their new
roles at this group.
Aisling D'Art

Click here to join wildartdolls
Click to join wildartdolls

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Porcupine Elf

This is a little Porcupine...He is sleeping in his cave...Prosculpt, little mother of pearls, metal and little white beads. He is on a silver natural leaf.
The body is painted with acrilics and gold paint. This is a little 'lucky charm'!
About 2.4 inches

sculpture in Prosculpt and paper rice

'nothing is as it seems'. This sculpture is all in Prosculpt, with porcelain leaves (white/green and white/blue). The body is cover with paper rice and handpainted with acrilics. Why 'nothing is as it seems'? because the body is crossed by channels of energy that we cannot see, but they are, and these channels are our artistic vibration, our energy into the Art and the life

visual appeal in Arts, crafts, collection:What do you think?

Leslie is a verbal person and She says ‘my humor is most often verbal’. She is fascinated by light (windows, water, mirrors, reflections…) and She often buy beads for that quality. She cannot work with fabrics.
Dianne loves seeing, touch, taste, scent and hearing, She says ‘I love things shiny, and I also like the texture look, again not having to feel it but to see the differences…’
Anna:’ I collect things because of how they look and/or feel. First something has to be visually appealing to me. Perhaps the color, the shape, or even possibly the memory that it evokes. How do I "feel" when I look at it? Happy, sad, reflective, uneasy, etc. Does it make me smile or chuckle? Does it conjur up images of Fall, colored leaves, crisp air and woodburning stoves? Does something about it remind me of my mom, my childhood or an event with one of my children or grandchildren.’
But Anna says…’ My kids like to remind me that when they were little I would take
them into a store or a craft sale, and then say "Look with your eyes...NOT with your hands!" and then proceed to pick up and touch just about everything.'
And you?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Which of the five senses is important in your collection?

Aisling d'Art tells me some months ago...'Oh, it's easily the visual appeal. I think that's true for most collectors: We like to have that visual reminder of what makes us happy, and the visual confirmation that we have a good collection.
There's a sense of accomplishment there

Andrea Scholes 'speaking for myself, I have to really like it to collect it. I don't just collect beads for the sake of collecting beads - I have to really like something about the beads to buy them for my "collection" - it could be the color, the shape, the texture...threads - for me its the colors and textures...the same with lace - it has to be very textural for me to really want it... '

and you? write me!

( to the right->)Peperoncina
Summer is close! And Peperoncina prepares her spicy and red wreaths to hang on her door as good luck sign. She has long red hair, peppers are red, ladybugs are red too in her hair and also the flowers on her shoes: as the warming sun and her heart ready to love you. Cloth doll, about 65 cm tall, with bells, wooden buttons and decorations among her red mohair hair. Voile ribbons at her arms, metal butterflies on her head and a dry peppers wreath in her hands. Her features are hand-embroidered.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

a new column on the CDAA Newsletter!

I will have a new column, the name will be 'the Art of dollmaking from Europe'. The first interview will be on a croatian artist, Nives Cicin-Sain

Thursday, September 20, 2007


two years ago Aisling interviewed me on my Art ( you can see the article on the page and now She writes this interesting article about the energy and the Key of success in Art Shows:
some phrases...
'People buy your art, not just because it's "pretty" or "interesting," but because of the energy that's in it. As an artist, you need to convey that energy personally, as well. That's what confirms the importance of owning your art and having it in their home or workplace.
Put great, attractive energy into your art, and into how you present yourself.
The quality of your energy--and how accessible it is to others--is key

( can read the article here:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shoes Challenge

Barbara has a beautiful challenge, international challenge! so, 'Just take a shoe and get started!' She says.
Partecipate, se sarete scelti, la vostra scarpa sarà pubblicata!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

CDAA Mentoring Program

Il Canadian Doll Artist Association di cui sono membro da diversi anni, nella rielezione del nuovo comitato direttivo, mi ha scelta come Mentoring Coordinator.

Il mio lavoro consisterà nel coordinare le richieste delle dollmakers verso le artiste che insegnano tecniche di decorazione, plastica, cucito, ricamo e così via.

Le richieste e le risposte più interessanti le invierò alla Newsletter del gruppo, una vera e propria rivista cartacea dal consistente volume di pagine.
Il gruppo inoltre mi chiede di scrivere articoli su cosa accade in Europa e in Italia tra le dollmakers, perciò non esitate a contattarmi per qualsiasi notizia interessante, mostre, concorsi, idee...potreste essere incluse nella rivista (il CDAA è un'associazione internazionale con membri in tutto il modo).
Mentoring Program : Stefania Morgante

Buongiorno Stefania,
Come sta ? Io sono la Presidente della CDAA mi chiamo Kinga e voglio dire che siamo molto contente de ti avere come la " Mentorship " persona. Mi scusi perche ho dimenticato molto di mio Italiano ma spero che mi conprende. Tu Inglese e molto bene.
Alora benveuta e ciao per ora.
Con gioia de ti avere con noi.
Kinga Buday

CDAA President 2007 2008

Thank you Stefania!
Take care,
Peggy Wilson
Vice President CDAA 2007 2008

Mentoring Coordinator Stefania Morgante ( is waiting for experienced doll artists to sign up to mentor CDAA members and members who require help to sign up to be matched with an experienced member.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Hedgehof Elf

Hedgehog Elf, Elfo riccio.

A little experiment with Prosculpt, stars and pins.

Un piccolo esperimento con Prosculpt, stelle e spilli.

The Hedgehog is long about 2 inches

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Il volto della Sfinge

Plasmato con prosculpt e quindi dipinto con acrilico bianco opaco, poi realizzate le concrezioni con crackle' cotto in forno a temperatura bassa e costante. Le bolle scoppiando hanno trasformato il colore in un effetto 'raku'.

Ho immaginato il mistero delle sculture etrusche...

La Sfinge rappresentera' Venezia e il suo Carnevale, secondo il tema della classe di Marilyn Radzat, ma io ho immaginato un viaggio di Marco Polo da Venezia alla Cina: colori, materia e un bauletto da viaggio che si apre per conservare i doni preziosi di un'arte lontana...alla prossima immagine, il volto innestato sul corpo animalesco....

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sphinx with Marilyn Radzat

Sphinx, Sfinge, un portagioielli creato con una zucca, rivestita di mosaico internamente e di carta di riso all'esterno. Questo e' il cesto di zucche da cui scegliero' la zucca adatta da scolpire e tagliare

....ho scelto la zucca e ho disegnato le parti da tagliare:

sulla zucca ci saranno interventi pittorici, aggiunta di strass Swarosky, perline e mani e testa in prosculpt, alla prossima!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gourd College Online:Marilyn Radzat Workshops!

Ladybug Snow
a new experiment, Ladybug Snow is flying on the mountains and She has on her wings snow dust...
Ladybug , the next step
the wings, the antennas, the muzzle:

Stef,Great job! Your lady bugs are wonderful! I love the designs and stars that you added.
Marilyn Radzat

'Oh, Stef! I LOVE the encrusted look of your ladybug! Very beautiful!!' Marilyn Radzat

Paper! Amazing! Did you put a gloss seal over them? Very creative, Stef!! Marylin Radzat

'Hello Stef-Michelle-Angelo (!!!!)I am so amazed with the paper tiles! They look just like the glass ones! Wow!I just love seeing all these beautiful Ladybugs!!!' Lea

'How great Stef! You are very resourceful! I wouldn't have thought of doing that although if I couldn't find tiles I might use polymer clay and high shine finish. I like your way. Hugs.' Lisa Gatz

' Stef that was a great idea using paper for your tiles!!!! Your piece was very elegant and I am sure you are proud how it all came together.' Adele Sciortino

Gourd College Online:Marilyn Radzat Workshops!

My tools my ribbons, colors, mosaics, pens, pencils, passions!
for me is the first time with Apoxie Sculpt, wonderful material!

pubblicate le notizie del primo corso di Marilyn Radzat, gennaio 2007!

Six-Month Workshop with NIADA Artist, Marilyn Radzat!

'For the very first time, in her 35 year career, Marilyn Radzat is offering a series of classes in which you will learn the techniques that she has developed for creating her artwork...

Each class is designed to introduce you to different techniques and lead you in the creating of a charming piece of artwork.

Each project develops and builds your skills for the next and the final piece of artwork'.

(from, copyright Gourd College)

#1 "Lady bug" This first class introduces the medium of Apoxie Sculpt, mosaic glass, on a small egg gourd.

the text and the photos ©Lisa Gazt and Marilyn Radzat, All Rights Reserved

Friday, March 30, 2007

Fantasy Fairy Bust Class

Jean Bernard e' un'artista di Reno, Nevada, che offre in giro per gli USA ma anche online interessantissime classi in cui si usano diversi materiali: Apoxie Sculpt, Paverpol (una sostanza per indurire le fibre sintetiche, ve ne parlero' in dettaglio in un altro post, prometto!),foglie disidratate, paste sintetiche, una serie di tecniche pittoriche e di decorazione.
Ho deciso di fare parte di una sua classe e diventare un'artista 'mixer media'.
La classe che frequentero', insegnera' come usare tutti questi materiali per realizzare il busto di una fata, come vedete nella foto.

'This class is full of techniques and creative thinking which allows you to do as little as you like or go way beyond the class sample. My step by step instructions are open to all levels from beginners and beyond. I will show you how I use the Aves Apoxie Sculpt, Paverpol, Paverpol fibers, polymer clay, fibers, dried leaves from your garden, texturizing medium, a variety of painting and finishing techniques etc. You may use one of your doll upper bodies made with clay or fabric, sculpt a face or purchase one of my face molds which I used for this class. I designed this class so each participating artist could create their own OOAK creation.

ENJOY!' Jean (

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gourd College Online:Marilyn Radzat Workshops!

'Congratulations, Stef! You've created a bit of wonder and magic.
Great job'

Marilyn Radzat

Gourd College Online:Marilyn Radzat Workshops!

Fine del secondo corso con Marilyn Radzat, che proseguira' fino a meta' giugno.

la Fairie Bower e' stata ultimata con le tessere di mosaico, la fata centrale inserita nel salottino e le decorazioni in Apoxie Sculpt sulla cupola per arricchire la decorazione.
Per ultimo le Swarosky incollate e le microperline fatte aderire sull'Apoxie sculpt ancora fresco, un lavoro molto minuzioso e paziente, a prova di nervi ehehehe.

la Fairie colpita dalla luce e' molto luminosa, e' una scultura sfavillante, ricca di pieni e vuoti di luce e colore.

Ho potuto provare per la prima volta il Prosculpt, un materiale non recente negli Usa ma appena importato dalla CWR in Italia ( e che ho acquistato spinta anche dalla disponibilita' e simpatia della export manager Ilaria Corbani.

E' un materiale molto duttile, plastico e dalla consistenza vellutata una volta cotto in forno (ma per le questioni di cottura vi rimando ad altri posts, molti trucchetti ed esperienza permettono di non compiere disastri!).

Credo proprio di aver cambiato idea sulle paste sintetiche, si possono fare capolavori scultorei!

Questa è la seconda fase: taglio della zucca e rivestimento con mosaico e microperline:

questa e' la base lavorata con l'Apoxie, l'acrilico oro e il mosaico champagne

Wow, Stef
You got a lot done and fast! Once you have your are very quick!Your beginning bower looks just great!
sending sweet aloha,Marilyn Radzat