Monday, November 26, 2007

Sculpture:what is this?

This is my first time with Premix.

Hannie Harris, President of DABIDA, sent to me 2 packages of Premix, a white, soft air dry clay. Wonderful clay! I have my hands very clean ( I love my hands clean when I'm sculpting and modeling)...(the hands and the face are in prosculpt)...only a problem with the weather...too humid and so the clay is very slow to dry.... but now the question: what is this? only a word....CORK...Sardinia is the Country of italian is 'sughero'.

The innatural body is my goal in this sculpture.

The body's shape remember me the wind and the trees..This is and antropomorphic creature, a Tree Goddess.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Crab Fairy

after the Radzat's workshops, new experiments for me: a crab fairy made in Prosculpt, the crab is a gourd.

The fairy's body is painted with iridescent acrilics, decorated with swarovskij and silver decorations.
This is a study on light that touches the bodies.
The light: mother of pearl, crackelé, smooth surfaces, and some little secrets...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blogs of Note

Stefania Morgante is a student at That Creative Place who lives in Sardinia, Italy. She is an energetic and inspirational participant in Marilyn Radzat's workshops. Her Blog is wonderful, featuring images of ther works in progress and lots of creative inspiration.

It has been amazing to see the progress in Stef's sculpting in such a short time. She was focused on improving her skills and she took giant leaps in her ability over these past several months. She is truly an inspiration!
Lisa Gatz
That Creative Place!

Stefania Morgante will be a Bill Nelson's student!

(Bill Nelson is a sculptor, illustrator and NIADA artist who will be teaching a series of workshops focused on sculpting and creating the character doll. He will also offer illustration workshops. We are priveleged to host this world-class artist at That Creative Place.
His first workshop on sculpting the character head will begin on November 30th.
Go to see:

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Araba Fenice (Phoenix)

Prosculpt, gold metal, Black Swarovkij, watercolors, acrilic paint,mother of pearl ink, gold decorations on the body,
about 14 inches tall

Your Phoenix is looking so beautiful! I'm amazed at the dept of expression that you're getting from your figures now and I adore the bread fairy also. Lisa Gatz

aloha Stef :)
Your Phoenix is sooo beautiful! I love the golds and the textures and the whole feel of the piece. Really beautiful!! Congratulations. :)Marylin Radzat

This is a very interesting piece, lots of textures, finishes and techniques. Very Nice!

absolutely exquisite!!! Stef, this is favorite of yours yet.... lovely classical face and wonderful colors!

she's beautiful!

wow! absolutely ethereal!

'Stef,I left a message on the critique gallery---- she is absolutely wonderful!!! she is my favorite that you have done yet... I love her colors, and especially her face....congratulations, she is really wonderful! Patl Lilich' (new Niada member)

Hi Stef, I just looked at Araba Fenice! She looks great! I love the textures - the skin does look to be burnt and her face shows how she is just going to love living her new body! I think she is terrific!Greta Albright

Phoenix has a beautiful expression! Anna Koetse

Sunday, November 04, 2007

2nd Bethlehem CT Library Exhibit

The storybook exhibit was arranged to help increase awareness of the art of dollmaking and also to increase children's interest in reading. Many patrons to the library raved about the exhibit last year saying it was one of the best in library history.

The exhibit was set up during the Bethlehem Christmas Town Festival last
year. This year, the display cases are reserved for that weekend along
with the month of December and the weekend prior to Thanksgiving (by
request of the library.) The Town Festival (being held on Dec. 7 & 8)
draws in hundreds of people over the
1 1/2 day event. Bethlehem is also famous for thousands of visitors
coming to the post office during the holiday season to have their
holiday cards stamped with the Bethlehem post mark. With the amount of
travelers coming through the center of Bethlehem, this is the best time
of year to set up the storybook exhibit.
Greta Albright

Hi Stef!

Thank you! Pinocchio will be wonderful! The book will also be great, especially in the language of his origin. :)Thanks again! Greta