Thursday, June 19, 2008

Diary 2009 Project

A great project for all of you artists!
365 artists and crafters around the world can design 1 page in this beautiful and artistic diary, a free participation and a free publicity.

To participate, you need to have a website or a web space (e.g.. Etsy, Flickr, MySpace, any blog,...) from where you sell or promote your art.

Here are some page examples

The emotional Art of Hannie Sarris

Questions in This Interview presented by italian correspondent, Stefania Morgante (Summer Issue 2008)

How did you get started in Art?

I was a very creative child, I loved to paint, sculpt and make drawings.

At that time already I knew this was the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. But I wanted to become a paintin artist. Dollmaking came by surprise!

What artists/themes inspire you?

I love the dreamy fairy atmosphere. From my childhood on I am inspired by the work of Sulamith Wulfing, her work evokes the feelings of strangeness and innocence.

What is a doll for you?

First of all making is what I have chosen as a medium for myself to work in as an artist. I could have chosen another way of expressing, but making a doll is what I love. It is emotional art. It is beyond the 'figure' as it gives me the opportunity to add materials as I like. Dollmaking is the metamorphose of an idea into a doll with the assistance of any material you like. It is not tied to a concept, it mean freedom.

A doll is also like a journey for me. I have an idea in my head and the clay in my hands. This idea is more feeling than a clear image, and during my travel I often change direction. For me making a complete working plan for a doll is not the right way to work. I do have an idea but it is still lur, during the sculpting I slowly 'remember' what I really want.

Do you have a favorite technique?

I love to work with air dry clay, and I am experimenting all the time with techniques. I love to change techniques and to keep searching for new ways. Dollmaking is an artist's choice of materials and one idea. It is one of the opportunities that an artist has to transform fantasy into a visible form-for a gallery, a doll shop, or on the internet shop, or doll classes.

What is the situation in Europe from your experience?

In the eighties and nineties dollmaking was a very popular hobby in my country, many people were making dolls for a hobby and many were attending doll shows to show their works. Dollmaking was a hype. This gradually changed during the years. The hype is gone. The ones that recontinued, explored their art and for them it developed into much more than just a hobby. They can call thmeselves Doll Artists.

Do you think is there a good business in Europe on dollmaking?

I do believe there is good business in dollmaking, expecially if you combine it with for example a gallery or a doll shop, and internet shop or doll classes. To have an income of only making and selling dolls, in my opinion, is hard to do. Maybe if you work for a doll factory as a doll designer, it is possible.

..the rest of the interview into the CDAA Newsletter, thank you Hannie!


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