Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Morning:"Finding Your Child Within",the sight,the hearing,the smell and the touch

Sunday Morning.
Poetto, Cagliari's sea.
I connected with the nature and my inner child, an experiment from Nancy Azara's book, Spirit Taking Form: "When you are an artist, you can again see the world with the eyes of the child-with the 'beginner's eyes' and the 'beginner's mind'..."
"Notice everything.Touch it too, if you can" says Azara.
So...I was walking and I noticed the sand. I noticed the surface and the texture, black and white, sand matt and sand glittering. The footsteps of hundreds of feet create an invisible and mysterious people. These footsteps seems the movement of a human tide that is gone. To the left, my shadow: I am the witness of this transhumance...
The sea.
A sea noisy, sometimes frightening, but clean and fresh. A strong smell of salt and algae. A white and cheerful foam which seems a lace that comes and goes.
"Breath and breath"-says Nancy Azara-" watch yourself be with your breath"...
I was almost hypnotized by the waves of the sea and observing the embroidery of blue and green waves, when suddenly a ray of Sun has broken down the colors of the waves and changed the natural painting. The embroidery of water has become a mosaic of shells, algae and gurgles of water!
Fantastic, a fabric of water and plants!

I have decide to take home a treasure for my sculptures. Without a specific idea.

Only shapes and forms. Shapes like wood, shells, stones, sand...relax relax relax... eat for my spirit and water for my dolls...refresh your eyes:this sunday morning is the time for stones. A strange couple, but very interesting: stones and water.

The sea is now far and lives in my inner child. I became a stone, I'm a stone. (and a shell, and...)And this is my treasure, and your WHAT IS?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Metamorphosis: This is a woman, ok, but this is a Guardian that walks to The Life, with rose plumes and rose buttons and...fabric leaves, trims, decorations. She walks to a life light and elegant as a plume. The ornaments are the surface of an intense soul.

Apoxie Sculpt on Gourds, aluminium foils, buttons (rose and mother of pearls), italian trims, white wool, Prosculpt, fabric leaves, plumes.

This is the first sculpture for the 'Healing doll class' with Barb Kobe. The next will be the Guardian (see the sketch under this post)