Thursday, October 04, 2007

visual appeal in Arts, crafts, collection:What do you think?

Leslie is a verbal person and She says ‘my humor is most often verbal’. She is fascinated by light (windows, water, mirrors, reflections…) and She often buy beads for that quality. She cannot work with fabrics.
Dianne loves seeing, touch, taste, scent and hearing, She says ‘I love things shiny, and I also like the texture look, again not having to feel it but to see the differences…’
Anna:’ I collect things because of how they look and/or feel. First something has to be visually appealing to me. Perhaps the color, the shape, or even possibly the memory that it evokes. How do I "feel" when I look at it? Happy, sad, reflective, uneasy, etc. Does it make me smile or chuckle? Does it conjur up images of Fall, colored leaves, crisp air and woodburning stoves? Does something about it remind me of my mom, my childhood or an event with one of my children or grandchildren.’
But Anna says…’ My kids like to remind me that when they were little I would take
them into a store or a craft sale, and then say "Look with your eyes...NOT with your hands!" and then proceed to pick up and touch just about everything.'
And you?

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