Sunday, September 30, 2007

Which of the five senses is important in your collection?

Aisling d'Art tells me some months ago...'Oh, it's easily the visual appeal. I think that's true for most collectors: We like to have that visual reminder of what makes us happy, and the visual confirmation that we have a good collection.
There's a sense of accomplishment there

Andrea Scholes 'speaking for myself, I have to really like it to collect it. I don't just collect beads for the sake of collecting beads - I have to really like something about the beads to buy them for my "collection" - it could be the color, the shape, the texture...threads - for me its the colors and textures...the same with lace - it has to be very textural for me to really want it... '

and you? write me!

( to the right->)Peperoncina
Summer is close! And Peperoncina prepares her spicy and red wreaths to hang on her door as good luck sign. She has long red hair, peppers are red, ladybugs are red too in her hair and also the flowers on her shoes: as the warming sun and her heart ready to love you. Cloth doll, about 65 cm tall, with bells, wooden buttons and decorations among her red mohair hair. Voile ribbons at her arms, metal butterflies on her head and a dry peppers wreath in her hands. Her features are hand-embroidered.

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michelledolls said...

Peperoncina is so cute, great job.
I love your work Stefania, thanks for leaving a message on my blog.
I'm enjoying browsing your blog, congratulations for your column on the CDAA newsletter, you will do a great job I'm sure.

Michelle (from Australia)