Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wild Art Dolls will have two new owners and moderators!

Wild Art Dolls will have two new owners and moderators.

One is Stefania Morgante, usually called "Stef" here at Wild Art
Dolls. She lives in Italy and she's been a member of this group
since 2004. You may know her lovely dolls from her website .
I also interviewed her in 2005, and you can read about her dollmaking

The other new owner and moderator is Jody (also called JoTee) from New Mexico. You may have seen some of her dolls at her blog,

I'm honored that these two very talented and enthusiastic women have volunteered to take the helm at Wild Art Dolls!
Thank you to every member of Wild Art Dolls. I've had a great time as
the list owner, and this has always been the easiest group to moderate.

I hope that you'll be just as supportive of Stef and Jody in their new
roles at this group.
Aisling D'Art

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