Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Teddy bear Exhibition, Compiano, Parma, Italy

Good News for my little collection of Teddy bears!
Casanova and Ichnusa with Orsogatto are into This wonderful exhibition.
The Museum Orsanti is dedicated to the story of bear in the area of Compiano, Parma, North Italy.
My Teddy bears (two first prizes in Italian Contests) will are in this Museum for all June and July 2010!


Škorčica said...

Congratulations - what an honor!

I like them all three very much.

Carassia said...

Congratulazioni, Stef! How exciting! I hope Casanova, Ichnusa and Orsogatto will enjoy their stay at Compiano, "the Bear Capital of Italy". They will meet a lot of interesting people there and be the celebrated stars of the event!

CoccinelleRouge said...

Congrats Stef! Your teddy bears look amazing!
Hope this will bring you lots of new clients! :)

Stephanie said...

Congratulations!!! Your teddy bears look wonderful!