Sunday, November 16, 2008

Muse, ideas, nature

I think that every piece emerges when our soul, heart and mind absorb sensory stimuli by the nature and life. The image that you create in the brain is cradled,cherished and displayed in time...I am sure that the piece of work will be born full of energy and communicate to the whole world..what do you think?

I have an example. Today at sunset it rained a thick and fragrant rain and there was silence.
Only The noise of small birds with wet wings...Suddenly the rain ends and the clouds are opening to the moon...And the last gift of the universe is this wonderful Rainbow, that I gift you for this night full of beautiful dreams (...from my studio...)


As Seen Through My Eyes.... said...


Gufobardo said...

Sardinia isn't Hawaii but the nature is the same, beautiful! right?

Jacqui said...

Yes VERY beautiful!!! some day I hope to go to Italy:) maybe I can see you there.
WOW what a rainbow!!
I bet at the end there a pot of GOLD:)


Cestandrea said...

Thanks for the magical rainbow,
I just maid the test, I'm the Emperess too:)