Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wall cupboard and Earth Day

I have a wall cupboard that I painted in part a few years ago...Now I have decided that it is time to finish it.
Here are some of the details that I am painting, the details are a little liberty and a little Impressionists.The dominant motive is nature and its beauty.
I think It is perfect to celebrate today Earth Day!


Ulla said...

STUNNING Stef! Wow... How large is the cupboard? What a statement piece! did you finish it? and YES, I think its a perfect 'earth day' art-piece!

Gufobardo said...

no, I haven't finish it...:O( I'm working on other things...uhm..how large is it? in meters....about 3,50 meters (...about 11 foot) and high 2,50 meters (...8 foot)

Gypsy said...

How lovely! It is wonderful to have your own home, and be able to paint the cupboards some color other than white!