Thursday, April 17, 2008

inspirational afternoon...

the song of birds, the colors of flowers, I'm thinking new sculptures...but This is the energy of nature that inspires me...

and This is a little Elf, Pavar, a little hoonie (See the end of the post) made by me but inspired by the Marilyn Radzat class (Maryhoonie)on (thanks Lisa Gatz, for your work!).
For me it is important to find an italian way for Hoonies...and so, my Pavar is here!

What is a hoonie?

from Marilyn's word...'On a small island in the middle of the ocean live a unique and curious clan, called The Maryhoonie . Far distant cousins of the Hawaiian magical little people known as Menehunes, these curious creatures began adorning their feet with the most magical of foot ware know to every little girl as the MaryJane shoe.....and thus they were forever called.'

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talitka said...

thank you for your comment left in my blog. your creatures are very unusual and beautiful!
wish you a lot of inspiration!