Friday, March 07, 2008

Pupa or Pupazza

The Pupe or Pupazze are wonderful and original flasks of terracotta with the moustasches. In full Middle Ages, as many know, we had a law called "jus primae NOCTIS",which granted the right to the noble and feudatory to spend the first wedding night with the bride (Latin for law -or right-of the first night).

But a furious and jealous husband decided to arise, dressed as a woman, in the bed of the noble but he forgot to shave his moustasches. Of course he was put on trial and, to save his life, (as he risked the decapitation) he was ordered to produce an excellent wine to be put in special flasks in ceramics, representing this dressing up, precisely "pupae".

The pupae are produced in South Italy, Puglia, the land of my mother where I was born and the town is called Grottaglie, very famous for its wonderful ceramics.

These are the first steps of my Pupa.

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