Friday, March 28, 2008

Messengers and Storytellers:a class with Dayle Doroshow

5 lessons and a wonderful group! These are my Messengers and Storytellers:Rich, Balance, Storyteller,Water,heart, heart1,Spring.

Wow! Stef! They are wonderful. I love your use of fiber and all the mixed media (silver etc ) parts. And the shapes/gestures you put into the torso are not only lovely design-wise but very emotionally evocative. I am a big believer of working in a "series"- so much to learn as you work on a number ofpieces in the same family- you did just great! xoxo Dayle

Oooh Stef! They're all wonderful! Your style is so creative and fun. And you were very bold in your media mixing. The way you wrap the fibers around the bodies is great. One reminds me of a tree with vines climbing on it. And using the tin is brilliant. Bravo! Karen


Shashi Nayagam said...

It is a while since I stopped by your blog. Oh my what eye candy you have got. I am in love with all your work. They are all gorgeous pieces

cat said...

Love the green one at the very end!!Wonderful work!