Wednesday, February 25, 2009

homecoming with muses aeroplane....cold and sunny weekend, wonderful Bologna (and Castel Maggiore)!

The School of my nephew Andrea is in a park full of trees and interesting statues that commemorate Partisans killed in the II world war.
Do you remember de Chirico's Muses?

so inspiring! I am stimulated to new artistic adventures...


MuseSwings said...

This is a beautiful memorial!

Your "Scent of Spring" arrived in the mail today! My husband loves it too. Is soon as I have it framed I will post a picture.

Cestandrea said...

Wow, thanks so much for these gorgeous pictures!
And I saw a couple of days ago on a poster in the metro that there is a Chirico exhibition here in Paris in the musée de l'art moderne where I'll go soon, cause I want to know more about him and see his paintings!
Thanks again for these great pictures and oh, your drawings are very beautiful, whimsical, and magical too,

Gufobardo said...

Sylvia Plath wrote a poem on de Chirico's Disquieting Muses, so please Andrea, go to the exhibition, I saw in Ferrara the museum on de Chirico, I love him!