Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Metamorphosis: This is a woman, ok, but this is a Guardian that walks to The Life, with rose plumes and rose buttons and...fabric leaves, trims, decorations. She walks to a life light and elegant as a plume. The ornaments are the surface of an intense soul.

Apoxie Sculpt on Gourds, aluminium foils, buttons (rose and mother of pearls), italian trims, white wool, Prosculpt, fabric leaves, plumes.

This is the first sculpture for the 'Healing doll class' with Barb Kobe. The next will be the Guardian (see the sketch under this post)


Mo'a said...

I like her she is very lovely.
You are taking a lot of classes...what fun you must be having :) I wish I had time to take many projects for me lately and then Hawaii.

Gufobardo said... will be to Hawaii...this IS the class!