Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Araba Fenice (Phoenix)

Prosculpt, gold metal, Black Swarovkij, watercolors, acrilic paint,mother of pearl ink, gold decorations on the body,
about 14 inches tall

Your Phoenix is looking so beautiful! I'm amazed at the dept of expression that you're getting from your figures now and I adore the bread fairy also. Lisa Gatz

aloha Stef :)
Your Phoenix is sooo beautiful! I love the golds and the textures and the whole feel of the piece. Really beautiful!! Congratulations. :)Marylin Radzat

This is a very interesting piece, lots of textures, finishes and techniques. Very Nice!

absolutely exquisite!!! Stef, this is favorite of yours yet.... lovely classical face and wonderful colors!

she's beautiful!

wow! absolutely ethereal!

'Stef,I left a message on the critique gallery---- she is absolutely wonderful!!! she is my favorite that you have done yet... I love her colors, and especially her face....congratulations, she is really wonderful! Patl Lilich' (new Niada member)

Hi Stef, I just looked at Araba Fenice! She looks great! I love the textures - the skin does look to be burnt and her face shows how she is just going to love living her new body! I think she is terrific!Greta Albright

Phoenix has a beautiful expression! Anna Koetse


Gaia said...

Ciao Stefania,

grazie per aver lasciato un commento sul mio blog! Mi farebbe molto piacere scambiare i link. In realta' noi ci eravamo gia' sentite tanto tempo fa via mail, tramite The BAG e gli orsi... ma mi sa che non ti ricordi di me! :)
Complimenti per ii tuoi bellissimi lavori, sempre estremamente originali! A presto, Gaia

Lea said...

Your Araba Fenice piece is amazing Stef! I miss you and I am so happy that I can come here and continue to see the magic you create. Much love to you!

Shashi Nayagam said...

Hi Steff, Your new dolls are beautifully sculpted. Are you going to be doing clay dolls now? I think I love your clay dolls more than the fabric ones.