Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ladybug , the next step
the wings, the antennas, the muzzle:

Stef,Great job! Your lady bugs are wonderful! I love the designs and stars that you added.
Marilyn Radzat

'Oh, Stef! I LOVE the encrusted look of your ladybug! Very beautiful!!' Marilyn Radzat

Paper! Amazing! Did you put a gloss seal over them? Very creative, Stef!! Marylin Radzat

'Hello Stef-Michelle-Angelo (!!!!)I am so amazed with the paper tiles! They look just like the glass ones! Wow!I just love seeing all these beautiful Ladybugs!!!' Lea

'How great Stef! You are very resourceful! I wouldn't have thought of doing that although if I couldn't find tiles I might use polymer clay and high shine finish. I like your way. Hugs.' Lisa Gatz

' Stef that was a great idea using paper for your tiles!!!! Your piece was very elegant and I am sure you are proud how it all came together.' Adele Sciortino

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MaryO said...

These are beautiful, too, Stef! I'll look forward to seeing more of the work you do in Marilyn's class.
Love, MaryO